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Welcome to LiveVantage Nutrigenomics! The good news keeps coming! In today’s article, I review:

  • Vitality Stack Packets
  • Increased Sales and Distributor Growth
  • LifeVantage Expansion in China

Vitality Stack Packets Are A Big Winner!

LifeVantage introduced Vitality Stack single-serve packets in January 2018. The Vitality Stack contains the Protandim NRF2 Synergizer, Protandim NRF1 Synergizer, Physiq Probio, and Omega+. Sales have increased 23% since the launch. President and Chief Executive Officer Darren Jensen said, “We’re seeing higher average basket sizes, and we have already exceeded our targets for our stacking product initiative.”

LifeVantage Customer and Distributor Growth

Entrepreneurs in Stuttgart and globally are flocking to LifeVantage. This is no surprise because it provides the best opportunity in the health and wellness market.

Jensen said that LifeVantage’s increase in distributor retention and enrollment is due to the introduction of the mobile app and the Red Carpet Program.

The LifeVantage mobile app has easy-to-use tools that simplify business processes. The app guides distributors in kicking off their companies, recruiting their downline, and attracting customers.

“There is more to come on the LifeVantage digital platform. The next phase to be rolled out will integrate artificial intelligence in an effort to further increase distributor productivity and sales success.” -LifeVantage President and CEO Darren Jensen

Remarking on the Red Carpet program, Jensen said: “This custom-developed platform is pioneering new ways for us to attract or to interact with our distributors and customers and gives us and our distributor leadership unprecedented insight into the activities of our distributor base. We continue to see a strong response to our Red Carpet program, with related sales tripling during the third quarter when compared to the second quarter.”

The business also introduced an “auto-assign customer program.” This permits new LifeVantage buyers to make their first purchase on without having to go through an independent distributor. (If you’re a new customer, you can make your first purchase HERE.)

LifeVantage Goes to China

When reporting to investors, Jensen announced that international growth will concentrate on “greater China”—meaning mainland China plus Taiwan and Hong Kong. LifeVantage is working to get all of its biohackers approved in non-US markets.

Whew! There’s a lot going on at LifeVantage. For more details about our products or residual income opportunity, visit LifeVantage.

Join LifeVantage in Frankfurt

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