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LifeVantage Product Review

Welcome to my LifeVantage site! Let's talk about how LifeVantage products are classified. LifeVantage products fall into four general categories. Nutritionals Fitness Beauty Pet Care The category designations are for organizational reasons only. For example, the...

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Welcome To LifeVantage Nutrigenomics!

Welcome to LiveVantage Nutrigenomics! I am Adam Green of Berlin, Germany. I’ve been with LifeVantage since . I started this blog because I am dedicated to sharing LifeVantage products. LifeVantage has an impressive line of products that protect you from the...

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Turn Back The Clock With TrueScience Eye Serum

Let's talk about our eyes and skin around them. The eyes may be the window to the soul. But they are also a window to our age. The delicate skin around the eyes can show our age years before marionette lines and nasiolabial folds make their unwelcome appearance. The...

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Get The New LifeVantage Mobile App!

Manager Your Business Anywhere, 24/7! Stay one step ahead of whatever’s coming next with technology that adapts to you. Head over to your App Store and download our new LifeVantage mobile app for FREE! Not a LifeVantage distributor yet? Join now! Always Know What to...

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Not Seeing Results? Shake It Up.

Thinking about incorporating protein shakes into your diet? Rule One: If it’s a "protein shake" that comes in a can, stay away. Rule Two: Eat green to stay lean. Rule Three: Type is everything when it comes to protein. First, imagine a big red 'X' whenever you see any...

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Discover TrueScience Hand Cream From LifeVantage

What happened to hand creams? You rub them in and five minutes later your skin feels just as dry. TrueScience Hand Cream is in a league all its own. The term "hand cream" doesn't convey just how high it has raised the bar. LifeVantage for Skin HealthTrueScience Hand...

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Don’t Let Fat Hold You Back: PhysIQ Fat Burn

Are you fighting the "middle aged-spread?" Does it seem like belly fat is going to plague you for the rest of your life? To be sure, modern lifestyles make it very hard to stay at a healthy weight. If your muffin top is getting larger every year, you are probably...

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PhysIQ Beauty Protein Shake Add-on For Skin Health

Have you tried the LifeVantage Protein Shakes? At my house, we're loving them. We use them for a quick morning meal-in-a-glass or as a post-workout boost. If you enjoy the shakes like I do, you might be interested in an add-on that can help your skin.LifeVantage has...

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Vitality Stack Packets Are Making a Splash in Stuttgart!

Welcome to LiveVantage Nutrigenomics! The good news keeps coming! In today's article, I review: Vitality Stack Packets Increased Sales and Distributor Growth LifeVantage Expansion in China Vitality Stack Packets Are A Big Winner!LifeVantage introduced Vitality Stack...

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